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Collapse Models

Main Contributors: Felix Priestley

The freefall collapse function used to control the density in most UCLCHEM models is fairly simplistic. Priestley et al. 2018 created the collapse model which parameterizes the density profile of a collapsing core as a function of time and radius. The following collapse modes are possible:

  • "BE1.1": Bonnor-Ebert sphere, overdensity factor 1.1 (Aikawa+2005)
  • "BE4": Bonnor-Ebert sphere, overdensity factor 4 (Aikawa+2005)
  • "filament": magnetised filament, initially unstable to collapse (Nakamura+1995)
  • "ambipolar": magnetised cloud, initially stable, collapse due to ambipolar diffusion (Fiedler+1993)