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New Website

· One min read
Jonathan Holdship

We're replacing our old website! The old site was essentially just a poster for UCLCHEM with some github links. The new website has a similar landing page but importantly, we've moved all the documentation for UCLCHEM online. We'll keep that up to date and are open to comments from users as we're keen to make UCLCHEM as easy to use as possible.

We'll also keep this blog updated with any major updates to UCLCHEM. As a rule, we'll push minor tweaks, bug fixes and background changes that won't affect how the user interacts with the code regularly. However, major changes, feature improvements and changes that will change how you interact with the code will be published as a new version on github and come with an explanatory blog post. Come back if your latest git pull leaves you wondering what happened to UCLCHEM!