UCLCHEM is a gas-grain chemical code written in Modern Fortran. It propagates the abundances of chemical species through a network of user-defined reactions according to the physical conditions of the gas. Included in the repository is MakeRates, a python script to combine a species list, UMIST reaction file and user-define reaction file into a consistent network with all files required by UCLCHEM.

UCLCHEM is freely available for use and/or modification for any astrochemical use. Please reference our release paper if UCLCHEM is used for work in a publication and feel free to contact us with suggestions, questions or to ask for advice using the code.

A list of publications making use of UCLCHEM will be available soon. A grid of model outputs for different cloud conditions, including abundances and RADEX intensities for different species from a recent publication (Viti et al., submitted) is available here.

Authors and Contributors

The Fortran 95 version of UCLCHEM was created by @jonholdship based on Serena Viti's original code (Viti et al. 2004). MakeRates was created by @AntoniosMak. Surface chemistry update by David Quenard (Quenard et al. 2018).

Support or Contact

Included in the repository is a PDF manual. Any further questions can be directed to jrh at star.ucl.ac.uk